If I Don't Have Pain, Why Should I Go See A Chiropractor?

Many people ask why should they get adjusted if they have no pain? My answer and explanation is fairly simple. Adjustments for your spine are like tune-ups for your car. Every 3000 miles, it has been advised that you need an oil change for a longer lasting engine. Well, research has proven time and time again, a spine on average should be checked for maintenance every 2 weeks because that’s how long signs of distress to a joint usually appears after some type of trauma. By trauma, I mean falls, sports injuries, but even more so, repetitive trauma like doing something over and over again, AKA: JOB. People who have desk jobs are shown to have more spinal issues because of poor sitting posture and forward head positioning. Most, if not all jobs cause constant pressure to joints leading to some type of inflammatory process. Over time, this leads to some dysfunction to your joints or muscles and overall, decrease quality in your health and function.

Question: How many times is it recommended that you see a dentist for cleaning every year? At least 2x/year. Why? They can help prevent tooth decay and cavities before ever needing root canals. Did you know it can take about 7 years for you to develop a cavity and not know it’s there until that day you start feeling some type of pain! That’s why everybody brushes and flosses their teeth, to maintain healthy teeth. A chiropractor does the exact same, except we prevent or correct spinal misalignments and maintain your spine! We sustain the most important structure and system in your body which is your spine and nervous system. Research shows how poor posture will lead to pain, discomfort, dysfunction and early degeneration. Chiropractors are the only trained professionals who can restore proper mobility within joints to allow optimal and long lasting health.

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