The Best Fort Lauderdale Chiropractic Treatment for Shoulder Pain from a  Car Accident

A car accident can leave you distraught not to forget, immensely in pain, if you have survived it by a hair’s breadth. One of the most common car accident injuries is on the back and shoulders. Getting first aid and then following it up with a proper car accident chiropractor check-up will be a crucial step towards recovery. Chiropractors work towards the spine and other back-related pains, but they are also known for offering treatments for shoulder pain and other car accident-induced pains.

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Shoulder Pain and Other Car Accident Injuries

Injuries to bones, muscle groups, or tendons and nerves can lead to further damage to the parts of the body if you do not get the right treatment immediately. Injuries may occur due to a rough movement, due to sports, or even a car accident. Whether you are in the passenger seat or driving the car, your body receives the damage when the car makes a strong impact. The car accident might cause a muscle or a group of muscles to pull in the biceps or, worse, a joint subluxation. It affects the nearby nerves and tendons also when only a shoulder gets more impact. Besides, the muscles pull but also the bones that are in the area and the tendons or nerves face the brunt.


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What Sort of Car Accident Injuries or Pains Do You Experience?

From a car accident, you get numbness or tingling feeling throughout the arms. There can be pain if the impact has been too firm, and you can find inflammation in the muscles.

Whiplash is one such critical condition that is often one associated with car accidents and shoulder pain. Consulting a practicing chiropractor in your Fort Lauderdale is the best way to know if you are suffering from any severe damage or if you have some chance of recovery.

What does a Car Accident Chiropractor Offer?

Firstly, a chiropractor will ask you to undergo a few examinations and then create a treatment plan as per the results of the examinations. The Fort Lauderdale-based chiropractor at Carpe Diem Chiropractic can work on the following issues:

  • Tendonitis
  • Strains of muscles
  • Shoulder bursae
  • Rotator cuff stiffness
  • Dislocated shoulder
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Whiplash

All of these conditions are extremely painful, and unless you undergo diagnostic tests, you will never know how worse it can get. Many people try to postpone it and not even consult a chiropractor after an accident. Therefore, people will not know they have a much deep-rooted muscular or nervous problem until very late. On delaying treatment for these shoulder pains and frozen shoulder, you will only worsen it further. Hence, getting the right treatment in a timely manner makes sense. Shoulder dislocation, however, needs immediate care and a detailed treatment plan to ensure you can move your arms and bring the glenohumeral joint to place.

Types of Treatment Plans Ordered by the Car Accident Chiropractor

A Fort Lauderdale chiropractor will offer either one of the following treatment methods or all of them for the treatment of your car accident shoulder pain. These include:

  • Joint Mobilization: The first step is to ensure the joints heal and the tissues that have endured the most affect. It consists of a few primary therapies, and it is only for conditions of shoulder pain.
  • Exercises: From decompressing the spine, the chiropractor will ensure the actual strain from the shoulder goes away. This is also a relief that everyone finds comforting. There are special exercises you learn from the chiropractors for each muscle or joint that is in pain or where there was an impact. Oral medication might only help up to a specific limit. Beyond that, you will need to get the exercises to ensure the blood flow there regularizes and becomes as normal.

In many cases, people after surgery find it challenging to walk or stand and do their regular chores too. In such cases, exercises come helpful and speed up the joints mobility. These are the exercises to bring back your agility and flexibility of the shoulder and arms if it has undergone a fracture.

  • Massages: One of the most important aspects of consulting a car accident chiropractor is to ensure they give you a proper massage. This massage on the affected areas provides smooth blood flow, thereby removing any blockage or clot. The swelling and the inflammation due to an accident goes away when you go for these elaborate massage sessions.

These massages can be an electromagnetic massage, or a UV massage or a therapeutic oil massage depending on the condition of the pain. The doctor has other methods of massages too for you to fight back pain from recurring. Many people have claimed that they no longer get any pain thanks to these chiropractic massages.

  • Regular Checkups: The excellent way to get back to a healthy life after incurring car accident injuries is by going for a proper treatment plan thoroughly. Right after a basic first aid, you must not delay visiting the Fort Lauderdale chiropractor. He will ensure that there is no sign of in-depth pain after a thorough analysis. In case of any doubt, he may ask you to undergo a few tests. These followed by a proper plan can ensure a speedy recovery and lesser pain in the future.

Get the Right Car Accident Chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale Now

At Carpe Diem Chiropractic clinic, you can get the right treatment. The clinic boasts of an impeccable track record of helping people get over all sorts of pains, including shoulder pain. Our car accident chiropractors are experts in handling people recovering from car accidents. Hence, not just the shoulder, they will also check out other issues like knee and neck pain along with joint pains. Based on each car accident, Carpe Diem Chiropractic offers intensive treatment plans that provide holistic improvement. Our car accident experts are available to ease you of the pain and suffering. We give the most excellent treatment plans so that your shoulder pain does not recur even if you travel for long times or do stressful work in the future.