Finding Natural Treatment for Food Allergies

When it comes to food allergies, this is actually the immune system making a rare mistake. On the whole, our immune systems are very good at distinguishing what’s good and what’s bad for our bodies. In an instant, it’ll recognize diseases and germs before then creating antibodies to fight off viruses. When we have allergies, our bodies treat the food as if it’s dangerous when it isn’t.

In truth, this is actually how all allergies work whether it’s food, environmental, or even a particular medicine. Mistakenly, people believe it’s the peanuts, for example, that make us ill when it’s our body’s reaction instead. Sticking with the peanut theme, let’s say you eat a peanut-topped cookie by accident. Rather than allowing it to process as peanuts should be processed, the body would produce various chemicals and one of these is histamine.

The staff was very friendly and professional.  Most importantly,  all of the different therapy and adjustment procedures are second to none! Enjoyed every second I was here. Will schedule many more!

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More About Food Allergies

Development of Food Allergies - Unfortunately, despite all the advances we’ve seen in technology, experts still know very little about food allergies and why they develop. Over the years, we’ve learned that allergies can move from parent to child but they can also skip a generation. In recent years, authorities have come to believe that allergies are developed in utero; this occurs when the pregnant mother is exposed to chemicals, substances, and certain foods.

Types and Symptoms of Food Allergies - When it comes to the types of food allergies people experience, there are too many to list here but they all tend to fit within eight categories; milk, egg, tree nut, peanut, wheat, seafood, soy, and shellfish.

As we’ve seen, the reaction causes histamine and this, in turn, will cause problems with the throat, respiratory system, eyes, nose, digestive system, and skin. While some people suffer mild reactions, others have it more serious and the time it occurs after consuming or being exposed to the substance can also vary. For most, they tend to know when a reaction is coming because their nose runs, their skin gets itchy, and they could also get a tingling sensation on the lips or tongue.

On a wider scale, people also experience wheezing, heartburn, acid reflux, diarrhea, throat tightness, nausea, indigestion, vomiting, coughing, stomach pain, and a hoarse voice. Sometimes, the reaction can be so severe it causes anaphylaxis and this is where multiple symptoms occur at once; often, it’ll involve the heart, skin, breathing, blood vessels, and digestion. If medical attention isn't sought, this can be dangerous because a decrease in blood pressure causes narrowed breathing tubes and a swollen tongue.

Adult or child, those who suffer with allergies should always have a plan of action ready to implement just in case a reaction occurs.


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N.A.E.T and Food Allergie

Standing for Nambudripad’s Allergy Technique, N.A.E.T was actually developed by Dr. Nambudripad who has experience in chiropractic techniques and acupuncture. Boasting a PhD and M.D. degree, the doctor now runs a clinic in California helping hundreds of people on a daily basis.

With many theories and techniques in medicine having decades and even centuries of exposure as their foundation, it’s been difficult for N.A.E.T to capture the attention of the masses. Having been developed twenty years ago, the theory is all still very new but it’s quickly expanding. For the longest time, the 4,500 practitioners who have been trained in the niche struggled to advertise properly with their limited marketing budgets. More recently, however, the technique has been mentioned more in allergy reference materials as well as research journals.

N.A.E.T Testing - If you haven't heard of this technique previously, it uses the theory of electromagnetic energy (EME). Essentially, this theory says that electrical currents - known as energy channels or meridians - run through the body. With an allergic reaction, this is considered a blockage within the meridians and the symptoms change depending on the blockage itself. During N.A.E.T, the patient will hold the appropriate allergen vial while the doctor stimulates various alarm points across the back. By doing this, we can alter the electromagnetic energy and reduce the response seen to the allergen.

Within the body, a physiologic change combines with a chemical called ‘enzymatic’ and this interrupts the antigen-antibody reaction after neutralizing the immune mediators. Ultimately, the goal will be to clear all energy blockages within the body and alert the brain of the desensitization.

Attending an Appointment - Often, we find the thing people are most nervous about is the appointments themselves so we’re going to take you through what normally happens to ease any concerns you may have.

Firstly, you’ll be asked to wash your hands with warm soapy water and this removes all foreign substances and energies. From here, watches, socks, and shoes will also be removed. As soon as you’re ready, the doctor will begin the muscle response testing (MRT) procedure and this allows us to learn where the allergy or sensitivity lies. Although entirely painless, a surrogate will be used when the patient is a baby or child. As soon as the information has been attained, the treatment can begin.

As you hold the allergen vial, the doctor will work along the spine in the key acupressure points. Before the treatment begins, a conversation will allow you to decide your preference between electro-acupressure, acupressure, needle acupuncture, and laser acupuncture. Once the doctor is happy with their work, you’ll have a twenty-minute rest period and this is essential for the success of the treatment. During this time, the body will desensitize to the allergen and the doctor will complete another MRT procedure when the time is up.

To finish, you’ll be asked to wash your hands for a second time but without soap. By removing soap from the process, you can reduce the remnant bioenergetics of the treated substance. Finally, the doctor will hand you some written instructions to follow in the coming days and weeks. Namely, you’ll need to avoid the allergen in question because your body will be sensitive for a while. Typically, we recommend a minimum of 25 hours for avoidance but this may be extended if your circumstances make it necessary.

Side Effects and Treatment Restrictions - If we deal with the treatment restrictions first, it’s fair to say they don’t really exist.Since the treatment is completely natural with no needles, shots, or medication, this means there are also no side effects and this is one of the biggest benefits of all.

Assuming the guidelines are followed and the communication is flowing between yourself and the doctor, there won’t be any side effects. Over the years, N.A.E.T has built a positive reputation for its success rate. As long as you have the commitment to rid yourself of the allergy, there’s no reason why you can’t succeed. In addition to this, you should also enjoy an enhanced immune system as well as an overall improvement in wellbeing.

Following the Allergen Order - With N.A.E.T, Dr Nambudripad has developed a list and this is now called ‘the basics’. Within the technique, food items and allergies are always treated first and this is because they’re essential for overall health. After removing all food allergies, you can get all the essential nutrients while improving digestion, the immune system, and more. With your body in prime position, you’ll find it easier to rid your body of other allergies.

In terms of the list itself, it starts with egg mix and continues onto calcium, vitamin C, B-complex, sugar, vitamin A, iron, salt, mineral mix, corn, yeast, and wheat. Over time, this order has been perfected for maximum impact so this is what we follow during treatment. By clearing one allergen there’s a potential it’ll remove the need to treat others later in the order.

Number of Treatments - Although we would love to provide you with all the information possible, we can’t answer the question of how many treatments you need because it’s unique for everybody. Ultimately, it depends on how many allergens you need to have treated and how your body responds to the treatment. Normally, we use a single session for each allergen and this allows the body to focus on one at a time. Additionally, it means we aren't restricting your diet by taking away several food groups at once. If we do one at a time, you can still get your nutrients from other food groups because fasting can be detrimental to the success of N.A.E.T.

Should I Choose Allergy Shots? - As chiropractors in Fort Lauderdale, we often get questions asking whether they should choose N.A.E.T or whether allergy shots would be better for their position. With allergy shots, you’ll be exposed to the substance as a small amount is injected into your skin. With the aim of desensitization, this all sounds great on the outside but there’s one huge problem of which you should be aware; it isn't a long-term solution.

Unfortunately, as many have found before, the injections will take place twice per week and the process can last up to seven years. Additionally, many find the shots to be painful with soreness lasting throughout the week. As we’ve already seen, N.A.E.T is the complete opposite of this because it uses no shots, no medication, and no needles. In terms of a long-term solution, we find that most people are free from their allergies in around three months (more extensive allergy issues may take longer). For us, even though our opinion may be slightly biased, we think it makes sense to choose N.A.E.T over any form of allergy shots

Why Choose Us? - At Carpe Diem Chiropractor, Dr Barak Meraz and the magnificent team work hard, we’re passionate about what we do, and we have the experience to provide a superb service. After the initial meeting, we make sure you’re confident and happy about how it all works before then arranging an appointment for the first session with the closest N.A.E.T. specialist.