How much do you know about your pain? Test your healing intelligence

If you suffer from chronic or acute back pain, headaches or carpal tunnel pain from repetitive motion, there are proven ways to heal through chiropractic care – but how well do you know the causes of your pain and treatment options? Take this quiz of 6 questions and increase your healing intelligence! Answers are below.

  1. What are the main causes of back pain?
    1. Sports injury
    2. Car accident
    3. Sudden movement that causes wrenching
    4. Stretching the wrong way
    5. All of the above
  1. What is the chiropractor’s main and safest methods of healing back pain?
    1. He gives you 2 aspirin and tells you to call him in the morning.
    2. Exercises that only have a temporary impact – but at least the pain is gone for now.
    3. Spinal manipulation/spinal mobilization, along with exercise, massage and physical therapy.
    4. Pain relievers
  1. What is spinal manipulation versus spinal mobilization?
    1. Spinal manipulation is a high velocity, low amplitude thrust, versus mobilization, which is a low-force or gentle technique
    2. Manipulation is bending and twisting; mobilization is massage.
    3. Both manipulation and mobilization involve meditation.
    4. In one you sit in a chair, in the other, you’re standing.
  1. Spinal manipulation therapy has been found particularly useful in easing what sort of pain?
    1. Tension-type headaches that occur in the neck.
    2. Pain of the wrist
    3. Cuts and bruises
    4. All of the above
  1. According to a 2001 study, what did spinal manipulation therapy (SMT) do for people with headaches?
    1. Helped in the short term, but gave them more side effects
    2. Results took time and only lasted a few weeks
    3. Provided immediate relief with significantly fewer side effects and longer-lasting results.
    4. Was seen as equal to the results of pain medication
  1. What are some of the ways a chiropractor solves problems associated with carpel tunnel syndrome?
    1. He makes you sit and type and observes your movements
    2. He bends your wrist all the way back to see if you yell
    3. He traces the nerve back up into the neck to see if there are multiple problem areas before initiating treatment.
    4. None of the above
  1. The effects of spinal manipulation have been shown to include:
    1. Temporary relief of musculoskeletal pain
    2. Shortened time to recover from acute back pain
    3. Increase in passive range of motion (ROM)]
    4. Physiological effects on the central nervous system
    5. All of the above
  1. What are the proven benefits of routine chiropractic care?
    1. Improved nerve communication in the body
    2. Improved Joint Motion and Coordination
    3. Improved Physical Function and Performance
    4. Improved Posture
    5. All of the above

Answers: 1e; 2c; 3a; 4a; 5c; 6c; 7e, 8e

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