Manipulate your muscles: Getting the right chiropractic care after a car crash

Young Man Having Neck Pain

Do you have a pain in the neck? Or back? Were you in a car accident? The sudden jerk or forward movement of a car crash can send your muscles and joints into chaos – think of what the inside of your car looked like after the accident, with items tossed all over the place. Your muscles and joints have also suffered from the impact, twisting and turning in unnatural ways, making any simple task painful.

Reaching into your closet, a simple turn of the neck, or merely sitting for long periods and watching TV can be brutal if you are suffering from whiplash pain. Before you reach for pain medication, seek the help of a Ft. Lauderdale chiropractor. Your injury can be helped with the right chiropractic treatment, and regardless of the intensity of the injury, a chiropractor can assess, recommend and perform the best courses of action. Never leave the pain untreated.

So what can a chiropractor do for whiplash? The following effective treatments are offered by an expert chiropractor:

  • Chiropractic Adjustment: Spinal manipulation, using short thrusts or slow movements, is one of the primary ways chiropractors make the joint function normally again, by moving it in the direction of the restriction.
  • Muscle Relaxation/Muscle Stimulation: Gentle stretches, sometimes combined with techniques that involve placing gentle pressure on the affected area, can also help to relieve tension and pain.
  • McKenzie Exercises: These exercises were created and are intended to reduce disc injury caused by whiplash. A skilled chiropractor can teach these exercises at the office but the patient can also perform these at home.

With each case of whiplash presenting its own unique set of symptoms – the primary symptoms being extreme pain and limited movement – it is always advisable to seek medical treatment immediately after a car crash, or any type of accident that has caused muscle or joint injury. Your chiropractor will know which treatment plans are best, and before you know it, the pain will ease and you will be able to move again.

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