Chiropractic and Decompression Therapy

Chiropractic and Decompression Therapy

Decompression Therapy is practiced by your favorite chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale, FL by use of a decompression table.  How does one get into a situation where a decompression table is needed for your chiropractic treatment?

After years of walking, sitting, playing sports, car accidents and other injuries, your neck and back start to hurt. For some, it’s the occasional muscle ache that decreases with a pain reliever, some heat and time after moving a bit from the morning. For others, the pain is sharp and has become a chronic pain that lingers forever. What people may not realize that if a joint is injured and was not properly treated, it can and will continue an inflammatory state leading to early degeneration.

We have to understand the impact of an injury in most cases is not noticed until years down the road when we pick up our kids, play a sport or something as simple as cooking and cleaning. The back begins to ache with dull pain. Then, we pick up something off the floor and BAM!! A sharp sensation hits us and can’t walk. It happened to me, so I am very familiar with this agonizing pain. All the muscles tighten up and spasm. Some people think it’s an age thing, but in reality, it’s the injury from 10 years ago that was not immediately cared for by a professional.

Like many things, Spinal health is all about physics. In the right alignment and angles, the joints and vertebrae will optimally function for many years. Mobility is key for a healthy joint but so is the alignment. Think of a wheel misalignment in your car. What happens to the wheels on one side? They wear away faster than the other side causing more wear and tear on the tire. This is exactly what happens to the spinal joints if the spine is misaligned from an injury. Years of inflammation and unnecessary pressure leads to degeneration and chronic pain. If the nerve is involved, it may take months if not years to restore integrity and proper function to the joint.
As a chiropractor, we do a consult and thorough history to know possibilities of injury. Then do an exam from head to toe looking for an abnormal range of motion and pain. X-rays are taken only when necessary to find if the cause of chronic pain is due to spinal misalignment.

If we find misalignment in the spine, for acute injuries, treatment may only need 3-12 visits. Chronic pain may take months depending on degeneration. If we find low back misalignments, we have a few tools that will help heal at a faster rate. One of my favorite machines to use for a bulging and/or herniated disc is a decompression table. It stretches your low back to decompress the spine and nerves causing pressure and pain. Every person is different when it comes to relieving the pain but is very effective for specific low back and neck injuries.

If you have or know someone with chronic pain, this decompression table may surprise you with how effective it is to relieve low back and neck pain, especially for those with chronic pain.  Read more about the decompression table.

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