Runners feet

Runners, like any other athletes, face the potential for having more injuries than non-athletes. This means that there is a wide and diverse range of injuries which can affect any athlete however some injuries are associated with one particular sport than others.

Although many other injuries are associated with runners like plantar fasciitis, sprained ankles and shin splints, the 5 most common as reported by chiropractors are:

  • Runner’s Knee
  • Lower Back Pain
  • IT Band Syndrome
  • Piriformis Syndrome
  • Patellar Tendon Injury
  • Runner’s Knee

This is an injury which can cause pain to either the inside of the knee or the outside of the knee. There are many things which can cause this injury but most commonly it is due to poor gait, improper form or lack of support for the foot.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pains which can be associated with running often occur due to vertebral misalignment, muscular imbalance, poor core strength or tightness in the hamstring but can also be caused by even leg length discrepancy (LLD).

IT Band Syndrome

The iliotibial band is located from the knee, along the upper, outer thigh to the hip bone and when this is injured it is referred to as IT Band Syndrome.

Piriformis Syndrome

This refers to Pain in the gluteal area which runners experience due to irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve or muscle spasms.

Patellar Tendon Injury

If a runner’s quadriceps’ lack flexibility, tension grows in the patellar tendon which can result in painful tears and swelling.

All of these injuries can be successfully treated by professional chiropractors who will also provide a complete plan for a runner to follow in order to get back into running regularly and competitively. Although chiropractors are starting to be popular with non-athletes, athletes have a close association with them for many years as they cannot only repair sports injuries but they can also advise athletes as to the best way to hopefully avoid these injuries.

Although chiropractors have long been associated with repairing injuries to joints and muscles, it is far less known that they also provide preventive advice which can help people to avoid many of the injuries chiropractors have to deal with. It is probably also less known that restorative treatments or plans offered by chiropractors can lead to faster repairs including for athletes who need to get back in training as soon as possible.

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