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Spine and Nerves Rendering of Human Body

Ft Lauderdale chiropractic care continues to make breakthroughs in overall health

We have lived through an age of breakthroughs and will no doubt witness many other fantastic advances yet to come, in technology, in how we live, how we transport ourselves and, notably, how we take care of our health. Chiropractic care continues to make breakthroughs in the health arena.

Within the realm of chiropractic care breakthroughs have come in our further understanding of the connection of the central nervous system, spinal cord and all other organs of the body. A chiropractic adjustment helps our nerves to function properly, but did you know it can also help other organs, such as kidney and lungs? Regular chiropractic care adjustments can improve the function of many important organs within the body and a Ft Lauderdale chiropractor knows that what ails you is probably best healed through a healthy program of wellness, spinal adjustments and coaching toward a better lifestyle.

Our organs function according to hormonal changes, and this balance between organs and hormones is maintained as a finely tuned machine as a part of our nervous system. According to new studies, how we sit and walk and bend – our posture – relates to the balance of these hormones.

Hormone levels change at various stages in the life cycle – with women, particularly, in pregnancy and menopause and with the monthly menstrual cycle. Medications can also change hormone balance. Such changes can cause alterations in sleep behavior, weight gain or loss, mood swings, hair loss and other issues. It used to be that doctors recommended hormone replacement therapy (HRT) medications as a way to replace the hormones a female’s body no longer produces after menopause. But these therapies, which act to supplement the body with estrogen and progesterone, carry inherent cancer risks, and can bring about other serious health conditions. Such health conditions could include stroke, breast cancer and heart disease.

The nerves in your spine signal the brain and various systems in your body, including the endocrine system, which produces and regulates hormones. If your spine is out of alignment, your hormones are also out of balance, because the misalignment acts to impair the nerves, which means messages aren’t getting to the brain, thereby skewing the levels of the body’s estrogen and progesterone.

When you seek the help of a skilled chiropractor, you are also on your way to balancing your hormonal health. Spinal alignments promote better function of nerves and address the cause of hormonal imbalance. The body’s functions normalize and achieve a desirable level of stable equilibrium between all interdependent elements, better known as homeostasis.

Not only are a chiropractor’s adjustments a proven safer way to bring about hormonal balance, but the best part of a chiropractor’s health programs is that they allow the system to heal itself, rather than having the patient rely on unnecessary, and often harmful, prescription drugs.

A great many studies have connected the healing power of chiropractic care to overall health – in addition to better hormone function, or the more popular healing of musculoskeletal pain. Lifestyle choices such as poor posture can lead to dysfunction of organs, and indeed, studies have found that poor posture as children can lead to problems with organ function into adulthood. Chiropractic manipulation will improve posture.

In addition, there are many issues that can knock your system out of whack, including car accidents or putting your body under undue strain such as heavy lifting and other types of work the body many not be used to. Even sitting for long periods or not following a healthy diet can leave your system stressed. If you’re experiencing a sore or stiff neck or back, periods of low energy, muscle spasms, headaches and numbness or tingling, the chiropractor should be your first line of defense.

Studies have shown that even asthma and digestive malfunction can be made better after chiropractic visits. And consider this: Your blood pressure is also affected when your spine is out of alignment, specifically when it comes to a certain portion of the spine known as the Atlas (C1) vertebra, which is the first and topmost cervical vertebra of the spine, and is named for the Atlas of Greek mythology, because it is the vertebra that supports the head (Atlas supported the globe) and thereby, forms the connection between the skull and spine. Any abnormalities of this vertebra directly impacts the circulation and acts to increase blood pressure. Correction of this abnormality has been known to reduce blood pressure.

Moreover, a planned chiropractic program that considers the overall health of the patient has been shown to do a world of good for nearly every important facet of a person’s well-being, including heart rate, blood pressure and overall improvement in levels of energy. In addition, with an emphasis on improved diet, exercise and physical therapies and overall lifestyle changes, studies show that a health regime that includes spinal alignment and spinal manipulation therapies improve pain and are effective in a person’s pain management program.

So embrace the breakthroughs that chiropractic care has made to improve an individual’s health and plan a visit so that you can experience what others have – a complete turn-around in the levels of health and functioning – and a return to the lifestyle you love.

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