Why Dancers Should Visit a Chiropractor

Ballet Dancer On Stage

Why Dancers Should Visit a Chiropractor

When it comes to getting exercise and staying fit, there aren’t too many better options than dancing. Regardless of age or even skill level, there’s normally something for everyone with dancing. While some like swing, others prefer ballroom or perhaps breakdancing. We praise those who take up dancing, but we also think dancers should be steered towards chiropractic care (and we’re going to explore why in this guide!).

Common Injuries for Dancers

With the stress placed on the joints (especially in the feet!), dancing can lead to some common injuries. For example;

•    Labral tears (hip)

•    Hip bursitis

•    Patellofemoral pain syndrome (knee)

•    Stress fractures in the tibia, metatarsal, and lumbar spine

•    Achilles tendonitis

•    Ankle impingement

•    Trigger toe

If your body isn’t prepared for dancing or you fail to warm up correctly, injuries will occur. Fortunately, chiropractors are trained in both the prevention and treatment of such injuries. For this reason, many professional dancers have formed a close relationship with chiropractors in the past.

It’s true, those who dance from an early age are less susceptible to serious injuries, such as ACL injuries. Why? In most cases, their bodies have grown accustomed to the intense movements and jumping/landing involved with dancing. For those who are just recently entering this world, a chiropractic appointment may just prevent serious injury.

Making a Chiropractic Appointment

In your first appointment at Carpe Diem Chiropractic, the session will be dictated by your condition. If you’re visiting as a preventative measure, you’ll go through a full examination to assess the body. During this time, any injuries or areas of discomfort will be highlighted. Over the coming sessions, the aim will be to strengthen the muscles, ligaments, and tendons through a series of adjustments, massage therapy, and other solutions (such as a good diet!).

If you’re visiting because of an injury, this will be the focal point of treatment. Whether an injury in the ankle, wrist, foot, hip, or back, the doctor will use the techniques best suited to your position. During treatment, there will be two aims;

•    Short-term resolution

•    Long-term prevention

As well as resolving pain and discomfort (hopefully without the use of drugs), your doctor will always keep the future in mind. In an ideal situation, your body will be in a stronger position to resist injuries in the months and years to come.

Example Dance Injury and Chiropractic Treatment

For many dancers, they visit their GP (General Practitioner), get put on medication, and perhaps some rehabilitation therapy. Ultimately, the aim is to reduce pain and discomfort in the quickest way possible. Sadly, treatment doesn’t always consider the future and how your body will cope with dancing. On the other hand, chiropractic takes a holistic approach and considers your whole body. Not only do we want to deal with the pain in a safe way, we want to keep the pain away so you can enjoy dancing for much longer.

Over the years, we’ve seen many dancers with ‘dancer’s fracture’. Considering there are 26 bones in the foot, and many are small and fragile, it’s not surprising that dancing can place immense pressure on this area of the body. Rather than pushing too hard, we advise the following;

•    Take pressure from the foot and stop dancing (sorry!)

•    Reduce swelling with an ice pack

•    Reduce pain with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

•    Visit the chiropractor for short-term and long-term care

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