Do you have a chronic illness? If so, understand that you have the ability to change or reverse that diagnosis. There has been an ongoing debate about our genes being the main reason for poor health and diagnosed early with lifelong illnesses. It is no longer a big secret that Americans are riddled with chronic illness’s such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Are our genes responsible? Are we truly destined to live with chronic pain, suffering and illness by a certain age? Or, is it the environment which “turn on” specific genes (or epi-genes) that forces our body to functionally shut down?

Many health and medical researchers have concluded that the environment we put ourselves in can and will turn on/off our genes for better or worse. Environment meaning choices that will ultimately cause our body to experience continuous stress such as nutritionally,eating out (unhealthy food), physically – lack of exercise, socially- working in an unfriendly environment and emotionally- bad relationships, financial stress etc.

The choices we make is in direct correlation that will determine if our body will thrive or die!

People have been searching for answers as to why so many individuals have become sick and the only reasonable explanation is that our genetics are responsible according to what we are taught. And I’m not talking about actual true genetic diseases that we are born with that 100 out of 100 of people with a certain gene will automatically have like Trisomy 21, aka Down’s Syndrome, but more so of the preventable illness’s that Americans are diagnosed with later on in life. However, chronic illness’s keep going up in the elderly and sadly skyrocketing in our children while genetics hasn’t changed in hundreds if not thousands of years. But what has? Environment! The processed foods we eat, the toxic chemicals we drink and breathe, the mandatory vaccines we must give in order to go to school, video games, texting which gave rise to a new diagnosis of “text neck”, drugs, ongoing lifelong medications, living paycheck to paycheck etc etc etc.

Think about this for a minute. Do you really believe that we are genetically predetermined to develop diseases  or illness?  In the history of evolution, do we become stronger and smarter or weaker with less intelligence? We are always adapting to our environment which makes us stronger and obviously, with technology, we have become smarter. If this holds any truth, then why is illness significantly rising not only in our elders, but in our youth and taking lives too early? Many explanations and history can prove that any huge significant increase and or decrease of illness is directly correlated to environment. For example, the introduction of the refrigerator, cleaner water, toilets, antibiotics etc. all in which saved countless of lives as opposed to war, guns, chemicals, additives in our foods, oil spills etc which has taken from this world. All have been environmental changes that effect us.

It is not a mystery anymore as to why the majority of America is sick and it starts with choices we make and a belief that the solution for our health comes in pill form or surgery. Medicine, thankfully is around to save your life, period. It is not meant to keep you healthy. That is your job as an individual who needs to understand that we as a species must eat the right foods, exercise(move), think and have positive social interactions in life for better overall health.

Here is a study that proves that exercise, eating healthy and meditation can directly effect genes. This study was done with people that were low risk prostate cancer recipients. The outcome was astonishing as the researchers found that genes may be directly correlated with what you do and how you treat your body via food and exercise. ‘’After the three months, the men had changes in activity in about 500 genes — including 48 that were turned on and 453 genes that were turned off.

Why isn’t this information all over the news? Why aren’t people being told that their chronic illnesses can possibly be reversed with a little commitment to healthy eating, moving and breathing? Doctors all over the world are seeing a complete reverse with diabetes, heart disease(high cholesterol and blood pressure), atherosclerosis, cancers, obesity, Irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s dx and the list goes on by changing lifestyle.

Start asking the right questions and understand that you can prevent and/or reverse many if not most chronic illness’s. We would love to help at Carpe Diem Chiropractic at our Fort Lauderdale location.

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