Deconstructing pain: Construction workers can benefit from Ft Lauderdale chiropractic care

Construction Worker Busting Pavement with Drill

Many physically demanding occupations cause varying work injuries – a few weeks ago, this blog covered the ailments suffered by members of yacht crews and how they could benefit from chiropractic care. Others whose occupation entails labor and physical work should also seek out the healing programs of a chiropractor – especially construction workers.

Spasms and muscle sprains, categorized as musculoskeletal disorders, are common for construction workers, as are injuries to joints, bones, and nerves, most commonly affecting the hand and wrist, the shoulders, neck and upper back, the low back, and the hips and knees. Disorders may include carpal tunnel syndrome, caused by repeated bending of the wrist, holding tools or materials tightly, or constantly pressing the wrist against a hard object; Raynaud’s Syndrome or white finger disease, a problem of the nerves and blood vessels in the hands often caused by use of vibrating hand tools – there may also be numbness and tingling of the fingers, often brought on by cold weather; tendinitis, an inflammation and soreness in tendons, caused by repeated movement of a joint; thoracic outlet syndrome, a problem caused by reduced blood flow in the shoulder and arm caused by overhead work or carrying heavy items in the hands with the arms straight down, and degenerative disc disease, caused by damage to the gel-like cushions between the spinal vertebrae or bones.

Construction Worker Suffering from knee Pain

According to the Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety & Health, the varying types of construction work are often associated with different injuries. For example, according to “Workers who do overhead work, such as painters and sheet metal workers, tend to have many more shoulder and neck problems. Trades at the highest risk of shoulder problems include scaffold erectors, insulators and painters. Workers who work at floor level and kneel while working, like floor layers and roofers, sheet metal workers and insulators have many more knee problems. Carpenters and other trades that require constant use of hand tools, have more hand and wrist problems. Tendinitis in construction workers is most common among roofers and sheet metal workers and masons.”

So what can be done? Construction workers should seek the help of a Fort Lauderdale chiropractor, to begin the healing process and get back the range of motion that is critical to performing their job.

A chiropractor can undertake procedures and programs to adjust the spinal column and properly align each vertebra. Once proper alignment is achieved, the body is allowed to heal other conditions that are directly related to this proper alignment, such as back pain and strain, and help with conditions such as injuries, sprains and strains. Nerves, muscles and connective tissues can be treated to the point at which they are properly functioning.

A construction worker’s job depends on agility and the ability to move quickly – don’t let pain and other ailments prevent you from employing your talents – and getting the job done. Schedule an appointment with a chiropractor and get back up that ladder, pain free!

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