Chiropractic Laser Therapy on Knee

When you develop an injury that requires corrective care or wellness care from a Fort Lauderdale chiropractor, you should note that depending on the severity of your injury, you would have to go through a typical 3 stage chiropractic care. Each stage is designed to focus on target areas in order to facilitate the healing process. The stages are meant to help reduce inflammation in the affected areas, bring about pain relief and help speed up the process of healing. Also, they help to protect the affected areas from having any form of flare-ups.

The 3 stages of chiropractic care are as follows:

Relief Care

This is the first of the 3 stages of chiropractic care and it is directed at pain relief. The focus of this relief care stage is to help bring about the patient’s pain relief from the symptoms they are experiencing. The treatment techniques in this stage are those which help to reduce pain, reduce discomfort and bring about general relief. This stage is necessary so that while patients are undergoing their wellness care, they can still go about their daily lives. However, patients are advised to not overwork themselves and to take things easy while they are undergoing therapy.

Corrective Care

This is the second of the 3 stages of chiropractic care and it is directed at the correction of the main problem. The focus of this stage is to first target the root cause of the problem that is resulting in the symptoms and help to correct it. Without correcting these issues, the symptoms would keep recurring as the main problem would still linger. It is important that at this stage, patients adhere closely to the instructions of the doctors. This is to ensure that the structures and tissues that are not healed yet would heal completely and properly. It is also important to note that the end of pain does not necessarily signify the correction of the problem. Many times the tissue is still healing and may still require follow-up treatment to completely heal.

Wellness Care

This is the third of the 3 stages and it is directed at ensuring the patient is completely well. The focus of this stage is to ensure the proper and complete healing of the spinal tissue and that the biomechanics of the spine has returned to normal. At this stage, it is important that the patient continues to keep up with their periodic check-ups to ensure that the spine is indeed fully healed and well. The wellness care stage is basically to ensure that the treatment carried out in the corrective care stage does not come undone. It also helps with regular checks to check the overall wellness of the patient. This is to be able to catch even the littlest of issues or budding issues before they take effect.

Fort Lauderdale chiropractors are experts in chiropractic care and they are trained, skilled and experienced in all 3 stages of chiropractic care to help you to heal faster and better.

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