Posture perfect: Five tips on how to get the most out of standing or sitting

young businessman sitting at desk with band posture

Your posture says a lot about who you are and your state of well-being – if you slouch, it speaks volumes about your mental and physical health, social or environmental circumstances. Or perhaps you have fallen into the bad habit of not walking or sitting properly.

“Sit up straight,” your mother said. She was right.

Good posture effectively is a position that puts the less strain on muscles and ligaments. If you have poor posture, you may have grown accustomed to sitting or standing in a particular position, one that makes you look hunched or slouched. In particular, forward head carriage (FHC), in which the head is forward of the shoulders, places a great strain on the back of the neck and upper back to hold the head upright.

To correct this, view the spine from the side: The opening of the ear should line up with the shoulder, hip, and ankle.

Studies indicate that every inch of FHC increases muscle strain in the neck and upper back by 10 pounds. That’s an awful lot of weight and pressure placed on the neck and upper back to hold the head upright.

What can you do to improve posture? Stay active. Your chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale will be the first to tell you that keeping active reduces the rate of degeneration that affects us all as we age. Regular exercise is key. So get out and do some walking. And remember: head up, back straight!

In addition, other exercises can help. First, there is the chin tuck. Put your chin inwards to produce a “double chin” so that your voice sounds nasal-like. Release the tuck until your voice clears and then stop – this is your new head position. Try this throughout the day for better posture. You may also perform this exercise with a resistance band, or towel, behind the neck, and press into the back of the next for five seconds. Repeat multiple times during the day.

For additional exercises and advice on good posture, visit your Fort Lauderdale chiropractor, and learn how sitting straight and walking tall can be the best confidence boost.