young businessman sitting at desk with band posture

A Ft Lauderdale chiropractor tells how good posture can improve your health

Do you hunch over as you work? Many of us do, working on computers that are positioned wrongly, in chairs and desks that are the wrong height and not adjusted correctly. Worse than causing ergonomic problems and adding stress to your back and neck, are the problems poor posture at work brings to your breathing – because that hunched over posture prevents your lungs to adequately fill with air. And so, the more restrictions on your breathing, the less oxygen gets to your lungs, making you feel fatigued by midday.

Studies have shown that slumping in your seat produces the worst lung capacity, followed by slouching, which becomes a bad habit that is hard to break, stressing tendons, ligaments and muscles and training your body to continue this bad posture. Not surprisingly, you do your body the most good by sitting up straight.

Chiropractors know that practicing good posture is one of the best things people can do to improve their health

Practicing good posture is as important as a healthy diet and getting the right amount of exercise, a solid night’s sleep and avoiding bad behaviors, such as drugs, alcohol and tobacco. You’d be surprised how good posture can help your health, and with millions of Americans complaining of constantly of lacking energy, chiropractors need to get the word out that the simple remedy, other than regular visits to a Ft. Lauderdale chiropractor, is perfecting the way you stand. And sit.

When you practice good posture, you are not only making yourself look your best – you are making your bones healthier, aligning them so that they, along with your muscles, ligaments and joints, can all work together to support the motion of your body. It also enables your internal organs to work correctly – putting stress on these from poor posture, as we have learned, diminishes health. Do you want your body to work at its optimal level of efficiency? Then sit up straight. Do you want to breathe more easily? Don’t slouch. Every system in the body, from the adrenal to the nervous, works better when you practice good posture.

This isn’t only good advice for those in middle age or senior citizens – young people also need to pay attention to good posture. Just fifteen minutes reading or typing while in the wrong position weakens the muscles of your neck, shoulders and upper back.

What are we doing wrong? Plenty. For starters, we have become sitters. We sit in front of a television, in front of a computer, in our cars in traffic, while chatting on our cell phones. Poor posture can also result from an injury, poor sleep, obesity or excessive weight.

What are the biggest causes of workplace illness and absence?

Musculo-skeletal disorders (MSDs), in fact, are the biggest cause of workplace illness and absence, with back ache and muscular pain a chief complaint affecting millions of people who sit in offices daily – and even those who stand at their jobs. MSDs can come from myriad causes: Heavy lifting, awkward, uncomfortable or static postures, and repetition of movements. Add in whether the pace of the work is brisk, whether there are high job demands, which equates to job stress – even working in cold environments. It’s no secret, then, that MSDs reduce companies’ profitability, not to mention increase the amount being paid out in workman’s comp. Employers are beginning to understand that taking measures to reduce pain and discomfort of their employees due to poor posture is often an opportunity to increase workflow efficiency, employee morale and working conditions, requiring much lower investment compared to many other performance initiatives.

Ready to change your lifestyle and improve your posture?

Do we have your attention now?  Follow these rules:

  • Pay attention to your weight. Being overweight stresses the back and weakens the muscles of your stomach.
  • Exercise. There’s no getting around it – exercising on a regular basis helps every area of health, and improves posture.
  • Get a good mattress. The best mattress will offer support and facilitate good posture, helping to give muscles the strength they need to assist the body in all of its daily movements.
  • Injuries or falls can cause problems – seek attention from a chiropractor when pain gets in the way of daily activities.
  • Give your work station a review. Whether at home or in the office, make sure the chair and computer screen are in equal proportion, that you don’t have to strain to see the computer screen and you don’t slouch as you work. Remember to get up and stretch your muscles frequently. Also, give yourself a break every quarter hour

You have enough stress in your life – you don’t need to add to it through poor posture. Follow good practices and visit a Ft. Lauderdale chiropractor regularly. Seeing a doctor of chiropractic is one of the best remedies for back pain. An expert chiropractor can help design an individualized program that specifically addresses your pain and your health issues. An evaluation is important to keep you in your lifestyle and an efficient, productive work style. Your work is a major part of your life – you should not be in discomfort while you do it.