Need to lose weight? Visit your Chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale

Woman measuring stomach weight loss

Many in Ft Lauderdale enjoy Florida’s sunny weather but can’t partake in the lifestyle because of health issues, in which weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight become tantamount to leading a fuller and richer life.

Those who want to pursue a weight loss program combined with the right amount of good advice and exercise should look no further than their Ft Lauderdale chiropractor.

One of the worse things a person can do when it comes to pursuing better health and physical fitness is to undertake the challenge alone. Studies show that few people – barely 8 percent – will reach their weight loss goals going at it alone. There is strength in having a support system – it means you will have to be accountable for what you do – and what you don’t do. It will give you better self-control and, in the long run, improve your self-image. Including medical professionals such as chiropractors in that support system gives you an added boost.

A chiropractor is an expert at helping people achieve a sense of overall wellness and to reach health goals that are attainable and sustainable. Looking to make a lifestyle change that will garner long-term results? Here’s how a chiropractor can help:

  •  Adjustments – If you think a simple adjustment of the spine can’t help with weight loss, think again. Spinal subluxations can often directly contribute to weight gain. Such misalignments in the spinal column prevent the spread of information via nerves to the rest of the body, blocking off communication. This means that signals, such as control over hunger and eating, fail to connect correctly. Misalignment also leads to an inability to exercise correctly. Regular chiropractic adjustments will ease these misalignments and most times eliminate them altogether, leading to better overall health.
  •  Nutritional advice – Look to your South Florida chiropractor for nutritional advice – better nutrition is one of the main keys to successful weight loss and smart eating habits help alleviate a host of medical issues. Chiropractors are knowledgeable in nutrition and can make personalized recommendations on diet and exercise that will help patients in the long run to feel better about themselves. And more importantly, feel healthier

So you want to lose weight, improve your stamina and get rid of the soreness and aching muscles that inhibit your ability to exercise – or merely take a walk on the beach? Health in the long-term means a lifestyle change – what better way to start than with the expertise of a medical professional at your side. Visit your Ft. Lauderdale chiropractor and start on the road to better health. And start enjoying life in the sun!

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