Close up of a woman with hamstring pain

Your hamstring is one of the most important muscles in your body. If you experience a hamstring pull it can be very painful. It can also limit your range of motion. If you don’t get this injury treated correctly, it can lead to further complications. Thankfully, our chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale has the training required to treat this problem quickly and efficiently.

Let’s start by looking at some of the most common symptoms that people experience after a hamstring pull. First, you might feel a pain in the back of your thigh. In addition, you might notice that this area is experiencing swelling or bruising. This can cause the area to become more sensitive when you touch it. Also, you will notice that you experience pain when walking or moving your leg. Often, how quickly you experience these effects depends on how severe the hamstring pull was. If ignored, these symptoms will grow more intense as the injury worsens. For this reason, you should contact our sports injury chiropractor once you start to notice these symptoms.

There are multiple reasons why a hamstring pull injury might occur. Generally, it’s linked to sporting events. When you play sports, you place pressure on your hamstrings. This can cause you to overwork the muscle, resulting in a sprain. Alternatively, if your glutes are too weak, the hamstrings won’t be able to handle the force that is placed on them during a sporting event. In addition, if you don’t warm up correctly, you can injure your hamstrings. Now that we know what some common causes of hamstring problems are, let’s look at how we can help you treat this injury.

There are multiple ways that a sports injury chiropractor will help you overcome a hamstring pull injury. First, they will ask you multiple questions about the accident. They will also take scans of the area. This will allow them to identify how severe the problem is. Once they understand this, they can begin treating the problem. Often, they will start by placing ice around the injury or compressing it. This will encourage the swelling to decrease. They might also use cold laser therapy. This will reduce swelling and promote the growth of healthy cells. In addition, they will assess the cause of the injury. For this reason, you might need to have a chiropractic adjustment. This will allow you to improve your posture. They will also show a more effective stretching technique, this will decrease the chances that you will re-injure the area.

Often, it will take a few weeks before you have recovered from a hamstring pull injury. However, the longer you wait before seeking treatment, the more severe the injury will become and the lengthier the recovery time will grow. Thankfully, our sports injury chiropractor has the latest equipment to help diagnose and treat your injuries. This will ensure that you get treated quickly and efficiently. So, book an appointment with our Fort Lauderdale chiropractor and discuss your hamstring pull injury.

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